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David Constante is a photographer from the Alamo city of San Antonio, Tx

What happens when you pick up a point-and-shoot camera and never put it down? Well, That was me in 2005. I just upgraded.

Why I do what I do? At first it was for experience and photoshop was a cool tool to manipulate images. Years and years later, I became comfortable with my profession in retouching which helps me in finalizing some really cool images. Now that I’m happy with the creative journey in composition and editing, I’ve learned that photography is also about helping others. If I can help others be confident, help reach a dream, help a business grow through my pictures, I'd feel like I've done well. It's also the duty God gave me to provide for my wife and 2 sons. It's about helping others and supporting my family. 



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Based in San Antonio, Tx
+1 210 274 5716



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